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2 summer sessions offering classes in tap, jazz, ballet, & hip-hop

SUMMER DANCE SESSIONS for Ballet / Tap & Jazz / and Hip Hop

Summer dance sessions are open to all dancers, competition or non-competition.  Please check schedule and select classes based on grade level for the fall of 2020 and style of dance you are interested in.

Summer Session #1 = July 13-16 & July 20-22   
*Auditions for Competition Lines: Thursday, July 23rd (daytime)

Summer Session #2 = July 27-30 & August 3-5  
*Auditions for Competition Lines: Thursday, August 6th (daytime)

SESSION FEES: $60/30 min class – $80/45min class – $100/60 min class

4:15-5:15 =grade 4-5 tap/jazz
5:30-6:30 = grade 6-7 tap/jazz
6:45-7:45 = grade 8-9 tap/jazz
8:00-9:00 = grade 10-12 tap/jazz

3:30-4:15 = grade 4-5 hip hop
5:00-5:45 = grade 2-3 hip hop
5:45-6:30 = grade 8-12 hip hop
6:45-7:30 = grade 6-7 hip hop

4:00-5:00 = grade 2-3 tap/jazz
5:30-6:15 = Preschool combo ~ Recommended for dancers interested in                     our Mini Competition Dance Team
6:30-7:30 = K-1st grade tap/jazz  ~ Recommended for returning and                           new Rising Stars dancers

3:15-4:00 = grade 2-3 ballet
4:15-5:15 = grade 6-7 ballet
5:30-6:30 = grade 4-5 ballet
6:45-7:45 = grade 10-12 ballet
8:00-9:00 = grade 8-9 ballet                                                                                                                                                         
For our youngest Dancers in Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade we offer 2 competition teams.  Our MINI’S competitive line is for preschool dancers with 1 year of dance experience. The MINI’S will not compete in all competitions.  Our RISING STARS line is for kindergarten and 1st graders.  There are no auditions required for either of these teams.  Summer Sessions will help with placement for dancers in the fall. 4SDC will assess each dancer’s readiness for these teams within the first month of classes.

Competition Lines Audition fee = $10
Audition results will be emailed by Sunday, August 9th.   
**Dancers placed on Sparkling Stars, Shooting Stars, Shining Stars, and Stars are required to attend the “New Line Intensive” August 17-19.                                                                                                  


If you are interested in being a part of one of our competitive hip-hop crews for grades 8-12 you must attend one of the summer sessions for Hip-Hop listed above.  Dancers for the new competition crews will audition at the end of the Line auditions on July 23rd or August 6th and will be notified by email by Sunday, August 9th..


We also offer a novice level Hip Hop team “Super Crew” that is open to grades 4-6. Dancers can register for this class at fall Open House.  4SDC will assess each dancer’s readiness for this team within the first month of class.

COMPETITION 2020-21 TEAMS – Auditions will be as follows:

All Dancers going into 2nd grade and up will be required to attend one BALLET SESSION, and one TAP/JAZZ session in order to audition.  **Returning Seniors staying on their current competition team do not need to audition.  However, returning seniors are still expected to complete the required summer dance sessions.

Auditions will take place on Thursday July 23rd and Thursday August 6th. Dancers participating in the summer session preceding each audition are eligible to audition. There is a $10 fee for your audition.

*FALL OPEN HOUSE* AUGUST 10-12 and AUGUST 17-19 from 5:00-7:00

Fall Classes Begin Tuesday September 8th